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Thanks for visiting our website. We are located in the Northern part of Alamance County, North Carolina. Our fire department is incorporated and organized under the laws of the State of North Carolina as a non-profit corporation. The primary purpose of the corporation is to provide fire protection to the community. The secondary purpose is to aid, assist and cooperate with any and all organizations, private or public, in promoting safety to property and protection of lives. The mission of Faucette Twp. Volunteer Fire Department is to protect lives, property and the community environment from the destructive effects of fire, disaster or other life hazards by providing public education, incident prevention and emergency response services.

Our fire department has 40 members on the roster. The department is manned 24 hours a day. We have three paid personnel that work 24 hours and one who works 8-5 M-F. We currently run out of two stations. We have 1 Chief, 1 Deputy Chief, 1 Assistant Chief, 3 Captains, 3 Lieutenants and 1 Safety Officer. Our fire department in governed by a 9 member Board of Directors. Interested in becoming a member please stop by and fill out an application. Our main station is located at 2164 Carolina Road, Burlington, NC.




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